Eventim Ticketcheck!

fanSALE is the only auction platform with Eventim Ticketcheck for guaranteed genuine tickets. You can find out more about Eventim Ticketcheck here.

What tickets can be checked?

All tickets and season tickets that were originally sold through the CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA ticket system or a partner club can be checked using Eventim Ticketcheck. It does not matter whether the tickets were bought on the Internet (e.g. at eventim.de), by telephone or in a ticket outlet. You can recognise CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA tickets by the eventim lettering printed on the front and back of the ticket, as well as by the hologram "CTSEVENTIM.AG" on the front of the ticket.

How is it checked?

When an offer is created, the seller enters the unique, generally 24-digit ticket number (barcode). The system then carries out various checks. For example, whether the ticket involved is still valid or if it is already being offered on fanSALE.
In addition, the most important ticket data on the ticket, e.g. event name, event date, name of the venue and seat details, are provided directly from the system. Errors or manipulation are therefore ruled out; the data displayed is thus that of the unique ticket number entered.

What happens after the purchase?

After the purchase, the ticket numbers are also provided to the purchaser so that he/she can easily check on receiving the tickets whether he/she has really received the right tickets as described in the offer. If something is wrong with a ticket, the buyer can report a discrepancy within 2 days through 'My fanSALE' and thus stop payment of the purchase price and request a correction by the seller.

What does fanSALE guarantee?

With the Eventim Ticketcheck, the trustee service and delivery handling, fanSALE is one of the most secure marketplaces anywhere on the Internet. We guarantee: On attending an event, if it should turn out that in spite of the offer being marked with the Eventim Ticketcheck icon a ticket was issued that does not entitle you to admission due to it being a forgery, fanSALE will reimburse you with the full purchase price, including the service fee and delivery costs. You simply have to present us with a written confirmation by the promoter and the ticket that you received.*

* You can find details of the guarantee services and how to proceed in the case of damage in the conditions of use.