Seller FAQs

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions (“FAQs”) for sellers. First click on one of the following headings. Associated questions will then be displayed.

    Questions about registration and about “My fanSALE”

      Why do I have to give an e-mail address during registration?
      You will receive a number of important messages from fanSALE by e-mail, so e-mail is the central form of communication on our platform. At the same time, your e-mail address is also your user name.
      How safe is my data when transmitted on the Internet?

      We encrypt both personal data and payment information during transmission from your computer to our server. In the case of credit card payment, data is only sent to the relevant bank in a highly encrypted form.

      However, the encryption is not shown by most browsers, as the active encrypted area is located in a so-called frame. By clicking with the right mouse button on the encrypted pages and then selecting “Properties”, the SSL certificate will be displayed. In doing so, the mouse cursor must not rest on an input field.

      How can I change my e-mail address?
      Your e-mail address is simultaneously your unique user name in our system and for this reason cannot be changed by you. Please contact our customer service team using our contact form.
      Why can't those under 18 register?
      In order to be able to sell or buy tickets on fanSALE, members must be legally competent. This is why those under 18 years of age cannot be members of fanSALE. We want to protect purchasers and sellers from legally unsafe transactions.
      I have an EVENTIM Account and I want to buy fanSALE tickets. Can I use my EVENTIM login?
      Yes, your EVENTIM login works at fanSALE and vice versa. You do not need to register again if you already are a EVENTIM customer. If you are logged in at EVENTIM and you open the fanSALE page, then you are logged in automatically.
      Why can I only register with an address in Germany?
      One of the advantages of fanSALE is the easy, traceable and good value shipping of tickets through UPS. Currently, delivery and collection under these conditions are only possible in Germany. This offer is being extended step by step to other countries.
      How can I delete my account?
      You cannot delete your account yourself through fanSALE. To do it, please send us an e-mail using our contact form. Please state your e-mail address. We will then delete your account. Please also be aware of our conditions of use.
      How can I change my data?
      You can change your personal data yourself at any time on fanSALE. Log into fanSALE by clicking on “My fanSALE” on the home page. In the area “My fanSALE”, click on “My data”. There you can overwrite all the information, apart from your e-mail address, and then save those changes.
      Does registration cost anything?
      You are not charged anything for registration or for listing offers. Fees are only charged if you have successfully purchased or sold an item.

      Questions about the course and listing of offers

        Can I also sell seats that are not adjacent?

        You can offer any entrance ticket for sale on fanSALE. However, you must describe the entrance tickets truthfully. Information on whether the seats are adjacent or not should always be part of the seat description. The more accurately you describe the tickets, the less likely it is for the purchaser to be dissatisfied.

        What does the number of tickets in an offer mean? Is it possible for just some of my tickets to be sold?

        The number always describes the total number of entrance tickets you are offering. For example, if you have 2 lots of 2 adjacent seats, enter “4” as the number and in the seat description inform any potential purchasers that these seats are not all adjacent. Or list two separate offers with 2 tickets each.

        For a fixed price offer as a seller you can choose to sell only the entire offer, single or in pairs. With option “Total” all tickets of your offer can only be sold together. With option “Single” all tickets or parts of the offer can be sold. With option “Pair” either all tickets or only an even number of tickets can be sold.

        For auctions the sale of single tickets of an offer with several tickets is not possible. In this case please create separate auction offers with the required number of tickets.

        How do I determine prices for my tickets?

        You can freely select the start price for your auction or the price of your fixed price offer from 1.00 EUR. If you decide on an auction, we recommend a start price of one Euro. Experience shows that more fans bid in an auction with a low starting price, which in many cases leads to a higher end price.

        If these are EVENTIM entrance tickets that are personalized and may only be sold on at the original price, access authorisation can only be transferred to a third party under the following conditions:

        The third party must not pay a price that is higher than that printed on the ticket, and must accept all of the rights and obligations under the event-attendance contract, including the ban on resale. Access authorisation cannot be transferred if it is sold in a package with other goods / services (with the exception of ticketing services at the standard market price). Only when these conditions are met may the name of the original person authorised for access be crossed out in the empty line above and replaced with the name of the third party obtaining the access authorisation.

        As the seller, you only have the option here to sell the EVENTIM entrance ticket on fanSALE at a price that does not exceed the Fair Deal Price. Furthermore, you may only offer these tickets at a fixed price. More details on the Fair Deal price can be found here.

        Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that your tickets will actually be sold. null There are no listing fees on fanSALE.

        What is EVENTIM ticketcheck?

        Each ticket from the CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA system has a unique ticket number. This ticket number is entered by the seller when creating an offer using eventim.ticketcheck. We can then read directly from the ticket system for each tickets the event and seat for which the ticket was issued and whether this ticket is still valid.

        This benefits the seller in that he/she does not have to copy important information from the ticket. This saves work and protects against inadvertent incorrect entries. In addition, offers checked using eventim.ticketcheck are particularly interesting for potential purchasers as they are additionally protected through the Eventim guarantee of authenticity.

        This can be seen by purchasers at a glance by the eventim.ticketcheck logo on every checked offer.

        Which tickets can be checked using EVENTIM ticketcheck?

        All tickets and season tickets that were originally sold through the CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA ticket system can be checked using EVENTIM ticketcheck. It does not matter whether the tickets were bought on the Internet (e.g. at, by telephone or in a reservation office. You can recognise CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA tickets by the eventim lettering printed on the front and back of the ticket, as well as by the hologram “CTSEVENTIM.AG” on the front of the ticket.

        Why should I always offer my EVENTIM-tickets for sale with the EVENTIM ticketcheck verification?

        Tickets from the system of CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA, Europe's leading ticket provider, can be offered for sale particularly easily and securely on fanSALE using EVENTIM ticketcheck. Simply enter the unique ticket number of your ticket on the “List offer” page.

        After checking the ticket numbers for validity by EVENTIM ticketcheck, all the important details such as the event name, date and venue are read out directly from our system and displayed together with other details provided by you on a summary page.

        After a successful check, your offer will be identified in the offer lists with the EVENTIM ticketcheck logo, and will thus generate particular attention. Every potential purchaser immediately knows that in the case of offers with the EVENTIM ticketcheck logo:

        • The authenticity of the ticket has been checked
        • There will be no errors regarding the most important ticket details as the information comes directly from our system
        • The purchaser enjoys extended purchaser's protection, including the Eventim guarantee of authenticity.

        What is the Fair Deal symbol?

        If you list your EVENTIM tickets for sale with a price that is no higher than the original price, you will be given the Fair Deal symbol. In this way, you will increase your chances of selling your tickets. More details on the Fair Deal can be found here. Please also be aware of our conditions of use.

        I have changed my mind, and no longer want to sell the tickets I have offered for sale. What can I do?

        In creating an offer, you are contractually obliged to sell the listed tickets for the highest bid or at the selected fixed price. The deletion of offers is neither allowed nor possible. If your tickets no longer exist due to an act of God or have got lost in any way, you have the possibility to cancel your offer under 'My fanSALE' >> 'Offers'.

        The tickets I offered for sale have been stolen or have got lost. What can I do now?

        In creating an offer, you are contractually obliged to sell the listed tickets for the highest bid or at the selected fixed price. The deletion of offers is neither allowed nor possible. If your tickets no longer exist due to an act of God or have got lost in any way, you have the possibility to cancel your offer under 'My fanSALE' >> 'Offers'.

        Can I retrospectively change the price of an auction or a fixed price offer?

        Once your auction is confirmed and an offer exists, no more changes are possible. However, as long as no bids have been made in your auction or as long as your fixed price offer has not been sold, you can change the price under “My fanSALE” » “Change offers” by clicking on “Edit”. If a part of your fixed price offer has been sold, you can change the price for the tickets left.

        How do I offer my tickets for sale on fanSALE?

        There are two ways of offering your tickets for sale online. You can offer your tickets to other members either as a fixed price offer or in an auction. An auction has the advantage that you can be sure of finding a purchaser if you enter a start price of 1.00 EUR. The duration and start of the auction are determined by you. The advantage of a fixed price offer is that tickets are only sold if the price matches your expectations and, under certain circumstances, the sale may take place long before the end of an auction.

        To offer tickets for sale, please proceed as follows:

        • On the home page of fanSALE, select the tab “SELL”.
        • In the next step, you will move to an overview page where you can select which tickets you want to offer for sale on fanSALE. Here you can select between EVENTIM tickets, special ticket markets or other tickets. Please note, that subscriptions are excluded from resale.
        • After logging in, you can start to list your offer.
        • If it is an EVENTIM ticket, you first have to enter the barcode. In the next step, all of the relevant data will be provided from the CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA system.
        • If it is an “other” ticket, you will have to complete all of the relevant data regarding the event yourself.
        • Furthermore, you must complete the following sections:
        • In the area “Seat description”, provide more accurate details about the seats; in the case of numbered seats, it is particularly important to state which seats they are and, in the case of several tickets, whether the seats are adjacent. Note: If you are offering EVENTIM tickets, the seat information in this area will be filled automatically. In addition, details about the seat type and category must be specified by selection.
        • Select between selling at a previously determined price (fixed price offer) and a sale at the highest price bid at the end of offers (auction). Enter a fixed price (in the case of a fixed price offer) or a start price (auction). Fixed price offers can be divided and you can set a price for each ticket, so that purchasers are able to buy single tickets of your offer.
        • Listing and selling are currently still completely free of charge!
        • To help you decide on which price to set, you can look on fanSALE for similar tickets and gain a picture of how great the supply and demand are. Alternatively you can use the Fair Deal Price as decision support to find the price for EVENTIM tickets. The Fair Deal price conforms the original price of EVENTIM.
        • State a start and end date for your offer. Your offer must end no later than 5 days in the case of fixed price offers and no later than 5 days in the case of auctions before the event, as the tickets still have to be sent to the purchaser by UPS Express. Essentially, you bear the responsibility of getting your tickets to the purchaser in good time.
        • Then click on the “Continue” button, and you will be shown a summary of your offer. You can now offer your offer for sale by clicking on the “Publish offer” button, or by clicking on the “Back” button to return to the input form and edit your offer.
        • Finally, you will be displayed a confirmation page. At the same time, we will send you an e-mail containing details of your offer. You can call up the current status of your offer at any time under “My fanSALE”. Your incomplete fixed price offers and auctions are displayed under “My offers”. Sold auctions and fixed price offers can be found under “My sales”.

        Questions about costs, credits and service fee

          What are the advantages of fanSALE and what is the service fee, and what does it include?

          In the fanSALE platform, we have created a secure and easy way to buy and sell entrance tickets.

          In collaboration with UPS and, Europes largest ticket supplier on the Internet, we can offer you a uniquely secure and reliable service.

          You do not pay listing fees with us. {0}As a seller, you can profit from our additional services and guarantees that are already included in the {1} service fee:

          • More reliability - We rigorously exclude unreliable purchasers from trading.
          • Fewer complaints - With tickets checked by eventim.ticketcheck, tickets are offered with information provided directly from our ticket system. This largely avoids complaints resulting from inaccurate descriptions.
          • Easier shipping - Through our close cooperation with UPS, ticket delivery is simple and easy. You can do everything directly in fanSALE and conveniently have the tickets collected by UPS from your home or workplace, or you can hand over your tickets yourself to a UPS location.
          • More security – You receive your sale proceeds directly from us and not from the purchaser. This means that you are protected from reversals or unsecured credit cards and do not have to wait long for the transfer.
          • More speed – You receive your money from fanSALE around four working days after delivery of the tickets to the purchaser. With fanSALE, you do not have to wait weeks for the purchaser to pay before you can send your tickets.
          • More service – Our customer service team is there for you should you have any problems. Report the problem to us and well deal with it. As the operator of, Europes most successful ticketing platform, we know about entrance tickets!

          When will I receive the price of the ticket?

          After the purchaser has received the tickets and has not reported any discrepancy after 48 hours, we will transfer the purchase price to you minus the service fee of 10% to the bank account provided by you within 2 working days. Depending on the processing time at the bank and when weekends fall, it may take a couple of days for the money to be credited to your account.

          As a seller, why do I have to provide my bank details when I have already saved my credit card number?

          We transfer the sale proceeds to your current account in a bank or savings bank based in Germany. To do this, we need your current bank details. Please remember to update your bank details if you have changed them since your last ticket sale. It is not possible to credit sale proceeds to a credit card.

          Questions about completion after the sale

            What happens after my tickets are sold?

            When your offer ends, you will automatically receive an e-mail with information on how to proceed. Log onto fanSALE and select when UPS is to collect the tickets from you. Then print the delivery note provided and the delivery receipt. Put the delivery receipt in an envelope with the tickets. Give the delivery note and the envelope with the tickets to the driver, who will provide a shipping bag at the agreed collection time (UPS Express Envelope). You have two working days in which to arrange the collection. By the third working day at the latest you should have passed the tickets to UPS.

            My tickets have been sold but I can't pass them to UPS within three working days. What should I do?

            In confirming the conditions of use, you are obliged to deliver the tickets to the purchaser promptly and on time. If you are prevented from doing so, please contact our customer service team.

            Why does shipping have to take place with UPS?

            The whole sequence of fanSALE logistics, from listing the offer to paying you as the seller, is fully automated. For this reason it is not possible for you yourself to select any form of delivery. You only benefit from this!

            The delivery costs via UPS are paid by the purchaser. You therefore have no costs to pay for delivery. As soon as you have agreed a collection time using fanSALE, you can print out the special UPS delivery note on fanSALE, which already includes all the details. When printing out the delivery note, you will also receive a delivery receipt for the recipient of your tickets. At the agreed time of collection, the UPS employee will provide a shipping bag (UPS Express Envelope), in which you simply place a standard envelope containing the tickets and the delivery receipt. Please pass the delivery note to the UPS driver.

            If delivery erroneously takes place not through UPS and fanSALE, your sale proceeds will possibly be seriously delayed as payment is dependent on successful delivery being reported by the carrier and the purchaser. Delivery costs that are incurred will not be reimbursed and cannot be charged to the purchaser.

            Other questions about customer service

              How can I subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the fanSALE newsletter?

              The fanSALE newsletter informs you at irregular intervals about interesting new functions and particularly attractive offers on fanSALE.

              You can change your settings directly in your personal area “My fanSALE” to receive the newsletter: Log into fanSALE by clicking on “My fanSALE” on the home page. In the area “My fanSALE”, click on “My data”. There you will be able to receive or cancel the fanSALE newsletter by activating or deactivating the option “Yes, I would like to receive the fanSALE newsletter in future”.

              How can I contact fanSALE?
              You can get our internet customer service directly at our contact area. Please click here, to approach us. Our postal address is:

              fanSALE - Customer service
              CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA
              Contrescarpe 75 A
              D-28195 Bremen

              You can call us at +49 (0)1806-99 14 14 (0,20 €/Call incl. VAT from landline, max. 0,60 €/Call incl. VAT from mobile phone network) monday to friday from 9 till 18 o´clock.